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Just over five years ago I immersed myself in the world of spices and so my FETISH for spices began. In the beginning it was all about learning how to make spice blends that were well known in the Middle East, Asia, India and Japan. I did so with passion, constantly experimenting with different spice combinations and always cooking, tasting and improving my blends. Once I had achieved the best result possible I then began to source the very best quality spices.  That was how I stumbled onto the world of native Australian spices and so my love affair began.

The Red Dirt of Outback Australia - the inspiration for my 'Red Dirt' spice blend
I love the smell and fragrance of Lemon Myrtle and the rich fruity, peppery flavour of Tasmanian Pepperberries.  Bush Tomatoes, which are hand-picked by Aboriginal women in the arid regions of central Australia have a spicy, piquant caramel flavour and Autralian Native Thyme has a fragrance far stronger and fresher than any other thyme I have used.  It was these first few indigenous native spices that inspired me to create some Aussie spice blends of my own. And so evolved my first two spice blends, Red Dirt and Bush Lemon.  Red Dirt is named after the red dirt of Kalgoorlie and the Kimberleys and Bush Lemon is named after our beautiful Australian bushland. I now make several other blends using bush spices including Old Man Salty and Desert Lime Dust. Old Man Salty is made using the ground leaves of our iconic Australian saltbush and Desert Lime Dust using ground desert limes from Queensland. Well the passion remains and the journey continues so keep an eye on my website as there will be more new exciting Australian spice blends further down my Aussie spice route.
Solanum Centrale - Bush Tomato's

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